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Dr. Iris Oved

Iris received her doctorate in Philosophy  and Cognitive Science from Rutgers University in 2009, with a dissertation on Concept Acquisition. She then spent 2 years as an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Machine Learning followed by 4 years of research in Developmental Psychology at UC San Diego and UC Berkeley. In 2012, she founded the Paradox Lab to share with kids the joys of inquiry and develop their critical thinking skills.

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Elizabeth Seckel

Liz’s research with Dr. V.S. Ramachandran at the UC San Diego Center for Brain and Cognition focuses on optical and tactile illusions, synesthesia, case studies of rare neurological conditions, chronic pain, and neuroaesthetics. Her work has been highlighted in Sunday Times MagazineScientific American Mind, and the Discovery Channel. She is the illusion consultant for the CW Network’s television show, Masters of Illusion, and has been a featured speaker at TEDxUSC and TEDxAFC.