March 2017


John Huang of Hillsborough enrolled his daughter, Taliyah, in our Puzzles about Consciousness program when it was offered at Stanford's Pre-collegiate Institute in the Winter of 2017. “We wanted to expose her to another academic environment outside of school, to see a different perspective on things,” he said. “This course helps her think about those different perspectives and that there is more than one solution to a single problem. It’s great work that Stanford is doing, and I applaud them for it.”

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September 2012

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Cole Sohn and Max Mainman, two middle-school students from the first ever Puzzles about Consciousness program (held in Spring of 2012) presented their ideas on "Selves in Video Games" at the international Towards a Science of Consciousness conference in Tucson, AZ. These students were invited to write a paper about their work to be published in the American Philosophical Association's newsletter on Philosophy and Computers. The students came up themselves with the questions, hypotheses, supporting reasons, and challenges. 

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